Hi Janie,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for all you did for me after my Mastectomy.

I have recommended you to everyone that I have met that has had a mastectomy and I can’t speak highly enough of you.

I remember walking into your rooms with fear, uncertainty, close to tears and doubting that I would ever be how I was before the mastectomy  – then walking out feeling - yes I can do this -and holding up my head a little higher than when I walked in.  You gave me hope.

I have full use of my arm thanks to you, and also for all the help and encouragement that you gave me.  I am still exercising 10 months after my surgery (good lady I hear you say).

So thank you once again Janie for helping me and for being so passionate about each and every one of us making a full recovery.

Kindest regards


It is a pleasure to highly recommend the services of Janie Ogram whose expertise I have experienced over a number of years. Apart from her wide range of professional skills she is kind, thoughtful, friendly and encouraging and she has given me much good advice


St Heliers

I wish to acknowledge the effort you and your practise put in to getting me back in the pool.
As you know I suffered shoulder pain since around 2001 and  did at one stage think I would never be able to swim as I wanted ever again. However after an operation on each shoulder and years of physio rehab I got back in the ocean at the end of 2013 and am pleased to say that in May of this year (2014) was fortunate enough to break another NZ pool record.
I am loving being back in the water, sleeping without pain, being able to reach overhead cupboards and generally living an active life.
I want to express my thanks and gratitude to you and your staff in getting me there.
I will however miss the massages from Aveny and Lydia!!
Thanks you all so very much

Hi Janie, 

Just an update . My back is feeling just WONDERFUL .  No pain or discomfort anywhere around the back , groin , or pelvis area .    What a difference a couple of weeks  make .  Thank you so much for your assistance , guidance and instruction .    I have referred you to a friend of mine who may need your assistance in the near future after her cancer surgery .  See you next month . You are a star.