A good risk screening survey and information sheet on bone health by Osteoporosis New Zealand: https://osteoporosis.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016-Ripsheet-WEB.pdf

Osteoporosis is an issue which is increasingly prevalent in the middle aged to older population. This can be attributed to lifestyle, diet and hereditary factors. If you answer yes to several of the questions in the survey, you might want to check in with your doctor for a bone density scan. Osteoporosis can certainly be treated and in some cases prevented. 

Great video about the effect lack of exercise has on the brain!

Attention Teens... time for a pre-winter sports tune-up??
Adolescence is a phase of rapid growth and physical development.
Younger athletes suffer similar injuries to adults, however there are some significant variations in the type of injuries sustained because of the differences in the structure of growing bone and soft tissues.
Common conditions include Osgood Schlatter lesions, Sever's lesions and growth plate fractures.
We are keen to provide early intervention and education to allow our young athletes to remain competitive throughout the season and continue to participate injury free.
Pre-season screening and early treatment allows us to identify those at risk of injury and provide appropriate management advice and exercises.

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Inspiratory Muscle Training for Health and Fitness
For anyone taking part in regular exercise and looking to improve their fitness, breathlessness can make exercise a real struggle and reduce enjoyment. POWERbreathe uses the technique of resistance training to strengthen the breathing muscles and reduce breathlessness during exercise or activity.

Simply breathe through your POWERbreathe Plus and you will feel the effects of the calibrated resistance training your breathing muscles. Using the drug free POWERbreathe training regime of 30 breaths, twice a day takes  only a few minutes and within 4 weeks you should feel less breathless, improving exercise comfort and performance.

Step it up: Stair climbing strengthens your muscles, heart and lungs for better running!

BREATHE DEEPLY and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.